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Windshield Repair Long Beach CA - Reliable Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services

In Long Beach, CA, the need for dependable auto glass services is paramount, given the bustling urban setting and frequent automotive use. Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass stands as a beacon of reliability in this sphere, offering comprehensive auto glass repair solutions tailored to the unique needs of this coastal community.

Our services are not limited to just windshields or windscreens but also cover other vital components like vehicle glass, sunroofs, moonroofs, and vent glass, ensuring comprehensive care for your vehicle. Understanding the critical role of a well-maintained windshield in ensuring driver and passenger safety, our services are designed not only to address immediate repair needs but also to contribute to overall vehicular integrity.

We use safety glass like tempered glass and laminated glass in our repairs and replacements to ensure the utmost safety. Our glass-run channels ensure the smooth operation of windows, and for the tech-savvy, we offer services involving automotive head-up displays. Our commitment to quality service is rooted in a deep understanding of the essential nature of robust auto glass repair and its impact on driving safety and vehicle maintenance.

(562) 684-8654

Our Services


Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

At Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass, we offer a comprehensive range of auto glass services. Our team specializes in both the repair and replacement of auto glass, understanding that each vehicle and situation demands a tailored approach. Utilizing the latest technology and highest quality materials, we ensure that each repair or replacement meets the highest standards of safety and durability.

Our services extend to all types of vehicles, addressing various forms of damage from minor chips to significant cracks. We are also skilled in handling safe drive-away time and adhesive curing processes to ensure safe installation. The PVB layer of laminated glass we use adds an extra inner layer of protection. Our team can expertly handle rear windshield, rear glass, or rear window glass repairs, often referred to as back glass.

For vehicles with crank mechanisms, our technicians are well-versed in maintaining and repairing these classic features. We also focus on providing quick and efficient service, understanding that time is of the essence for our customers. Our commitment is to restore the integrity of your vehicle's auto glass, ensuring clear visibility and enhanced safety.


Windshield Repair and Replacement

The windshield is a critical component of your vehicle's safety system. At Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass, we emphasize the importance of a well-maintained windshield through our specialized repair and replacement services. Our expert technicians are trained to handle a range of windshield issues, from small chips that can be easily repaired to larger cracks that may require a full replacement.

We assess the depth of the crack, size, position, and type of damage to determine the best course of action. Factors like environmentally friendly practices, local laws, and the use of transparent fluid and UV light in repairs are also considered. Typically, impacts up to 2 inches are repairable, while those more than 3 inches need replacement to maintain structural integrity.

Windshields with heating coils or made of special materials like vinyl are handled with special care. Our services also include dealing with vehicle body glass, like door glass, and ensuring it aligns perfectly with the car frame. We comply with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 212/208, particularly in cases of bonded glass replacement and non-bonded installations. Our team is prepared to respond swiftly in the event of a mishap or accident.

We employ state-of-the-art techniques and materials to ensure a seamless finish, restoring the structural integrity and clarity of your windshield. Safety is our top priority, and we strive to provide services that not only meet but exceed safety standards. With our windshield services, drivers in Long Beach can enjoy peace of mind knowing their vehicle is in capable hands.

Our Experience and Expertise

At Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass, our team is a collective of seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience in auto glass repair and replacement. Our expertise is backed by rigorous training and certifications, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry standards and innovations.

Our technicians hold certifications that reflect their deep understanding of modern auto glass repair techniques, guaranteeing that every service we provide is executed with precision and care. This blend of experience and qualifications enables us to offer unmatched quality and reliability in every job we undertake. Our technicians are adept at handling advanced systems like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and are familiar with premium brands like Pilkington Glass. We ensure that all materials used, from tin(IV) oxide-coated glasses for SUVs to power window mechanisms, are of the highest quality.

Safety and Quality Standards

At Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass, adherence to stringent safety standards is paramount. Our commitment to using top-tier materials like laminated glass and high-quality urethane ensures each repair or replacement not only meets but exceeds safety requirements.

Laminated glass is chosen for its durability and safety features, significantly reducing risks in the event of an accident. Urethane, known for its strong bonding qualities, ensures that windshields remain securely in place. This focus on quality materials, coupled with our expert service, guarantees long-term durability and safety for our clients, making us a trusted choice in auto glass services.

Local Connection

Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass is deeply rooted in the Long Beach community, with a keen understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by residents. Our connection to the area goes beyond business - it's about being a part of the community we serve.

This local insight allows us to tailor our services to the specific requirements of Long Beach drivers, ensuring that our solutions are not just technically sound, but also relevant and practical for those who live and drive in this vibrant coastal city.

Advanced Repair Technologies

At Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technologies and techniques in windshield repair. Our commitment to innovation means we constantly update our methods and tools to ensure the highest quality and durability of our services.

These advanced techniques not only enhance the efficiency of repairs but also significantly improve the longevity and safety of the glass. By staying at the forefront of technology, we offer our customers the best possible solutions, setting new standards in auto glass repair.

Environmental Considerations

Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability in the auto glass repair industry. We are committed to eco-friendly practices, ensuring our operations minimize environmental impact. This includes responsible disposal of old glass and using materials and processes that are more environmentally friendly.

Our approach not only addresses the immediate needs of our clients but also contributes to a healthier planet, reflecting our dedication to both quality service and environmental stewardship.

Why Choose Us for Your Auto Glass Needs?

Choosing Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass means opting for a service that combines expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our local roots in Long Beach ensure a deep understanding of community needs, while our dedication to using advanced repair technologies and quality materials guarantees long-lasting and safe auto glass solutions.

Our team's professional certifications and experience, coupled with eco-friendly practices, make us a leading choice for those seeking reliable and conscientious auto glass repair services.

(562) 684-8654
Windshield Repair Long Beach CA - Reliable Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services

Our Customers Testimonials

They really helped me out of a jam I got my driver side window replaced elsewhere and they did a terrible job reinstalling it, This man really new his stuff and installed my window back in like new Price was reasonable and fair for the work he had put in I expected more very happy with the work Sincerely Stephen.

- Stephen Bazydlo

They provided quick service after my car's window break in. Good value and great mobile experience. A big yes! Thank you. 😊 having a auto break in is awful but if you need to fix I recommend this company. …

- Mary Lichter

This business was prompt, and I felt very safe using them. They did a wonderful job at a great price. I would recommend them for all your auto glass needs :)

- Doreen Macktal


  • Yes, our mobile service team can come to your location in Long Beach, whether it's your home or workplace, to repair or replace your windshield at your convenience.

  • A windshield replacement typically takes about 60 minutes. We recommend waiting an additional 30 minutes before driving to allow the adhesive to cure properly.

  • Yes, all our technicians are certified and have extensive experience in auto glass services, ensuring high-quality and safe windshield repairs and replacements.

  • Yes, we have experience with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including luxury and specialty vehicles. We ensure the right fit and finish for every glass service.

  • You can get a free, no-obligation quote by contacting us with your vehicle’s make, model, and the nature of the glass damage. We'll provide an accurate estimate based on the information provided.

About Long Beach, CA

About Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, California, is a diverse city with a population of 439,153, making it the 43rd-most populous city in the United States. The city is located in Los Angeles County and is the seventh-most populous city in California. As of 2021, the median age in Long Beach is 35.9 years, with a median household income of $71,150. The largest ethnic groups in the city are White (Non-Hispanic) (27.8%), White (Hispanic) (19.3%), Other (Hispanic) (17.4%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (12.6%).

In terms of education, Long Beach is home to California State University-Long Beach, which awarded 11,061 degrees in 2021, and the University of California, Irvine Extension, which awarded 3,45 degrees in the same year. The city's median property value in 2021 was $614,900, with a homeownership rate of 40.5%. Most people in Long Beach drive alone to work, and the average commute time is 30.7 minutes.

Long Beach is known for its beautiful beaches, including the popular Long Beach Boardwalk, which stretches for 2.5 miles along the coastline. The city is also home to the Long Beach Aquarium, the largest aquarium in North America, and the Long Beach Museum of Art, which showcases a diverse collection of art from around the world.

In recent years, Long Beach has experienced a decline in population growth, with a 0.97% increase in population size between 2020 and 2021. However, the city still has some growing potential, as indicated by a 1.7% increase in population since the 2010 census.

Some of the latest developments in Long Beach include the construction of the Long Beach Civic Center, a new performing arts venue, and the expansion of the Long Beach Convention Center. Additionally, the city has been working on improving its infrastructure, such as investing in new roads and public transportation systems, to support its growing population and economy.

Long Beach is a diverse and vibrant city with a rich history and a promising future. With its beautiful beaches, thriving arts scene, and strong economy, Long Beach offers a high quality of life for its residents and visitors alike.

Driving Directions to Long Beach Mobile Auto Glass

To navigate from 7-Eleven on East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803, to 444 W 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802, begin your journey by heading south on Temple Avenue towards 2nd Street. This initial segment is a brief drive along Temple Avenue.

Once you reach the intersection with East Ocean Boulevard, take a right turn. East Ocean Boulevard is a major thoroughfare, and you'll be driving along this road for a more extended stretch. The journey on East Ocean Boulevard will showcase various parts of the Long Beach area.

As you continue, be prepared to turn right onto Magnolia Avenue. This turn comes after traveling on East Ocean Boulevard for a significant portion of your trip. Magnolia Avenue is a shorter segment but an important part of your route.

After a short distance on Magnolia Avenue, make another right turn onto West 4th Street. This final turn is a brief drive leading you toward your destination. Once on West 4th Street, look out for 444 W 4th St, which will be on your right-hand side. The entire route spans approximately 2.8 miles and should take around 10 minutes under typical driving conditions.

Things to Do in Long Beach, CA

Aquarium of the Pacific

Pacific Ocean dwellers are on display at this large aquarium with touch tanks & behind-the-scenes tours.

The Queen Mary

Housed in an iconic 1936 ocean liner moored at Long Beach, this ornate floating hotel is 26 miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

Shoreline Village

Charming shopping village features colorful boardwalk shops & restaurants amid scenic harbor views.

Rosie's Dog Beach

4-acre stretch of beach featuring off-leash hours for dogs to run on the sand & splash in the ocean.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Scenic park featuring a koi pond, a waterfall & 3 bridges, plus a black rock beach & a Zen garden.

El Dorado Nature Center

105-acre park featuring a visitor center, flora & fauna, lakes, a stream & walking trails.

Rancho Los Cerritos

Historic site & museum showcasing 19th century ranch life in an adobe home with lush gardens.

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

Contemporary Latin American art & educational programs featured at a museum with a sculpture garden.

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens

Expansive property includes a historic adobe ranch home, gardens & horse barns, plus guided tours.

Long Beach Antique Market

Monthly open-air flea market offers 800+ vendors selling antiques, collectibles & vintage clothing.

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